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Speedgoat output values during initilization

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Bertrand NOGAREDE le 10 Août 2023
I'm currently using a performance core speedgoat with the IO316 100k + IO135 modules.
In our project we pilot electrical motors, breaks and other systems with the IO316 outputs (PWM). The outputs go directly ot the driver of the concerned switches.
In our testing, when we launch our system through simulink and before the system is fully engaged with simulink is runing in external mode, we identified that the IO316 outputs send non-controlled signals.
This is problematic for us, because non-controlled active outputs can lead to dangerous/damadging behaviours.
I supposed that this is due to a self testing/check by speedgoat to make sure that its outputs are ok. However, I didn't find information about it.
So, my questions are :
1) Why does a speedgoat performance core module sets its outputs in a active/high state during its initialization?
2) How can I make the outputs of my performance core remain at an inactive / low state untill the system is fully engaged and simulink running in external mode?
Note : once the system is fully engaged with simulink is runing in external mode, the IO316 outputs behave as we programed in simulink.
Best regards,
Gonzalo ZARATE

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz le 1 Déc 2023
Please contact Speedgoat technical support for questions regarding their IO modules:


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