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Simulink Block 'To File' savings during Parsim

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Elias Julian Hempen
Elias Julian Hempen le 30 Août 2023
Hi, Ive a question about the parallel simulation with the parsim command. Inside the simulink model, there are three 'To file' blocks, which log the signal to a matlab .mat file. Now, I want to execute multiple simulations with parsim. Do all blocks generate a file with an index or will the files be overwritten?
Thanks for any help!

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris le 30 Août 2023
Hi @Elias Julian Hempen. parsim will append a number after the MAT-file. Take for example the following
model = 'elias';
GainSweep = 1:8;
in(GainSweep(end)) = Simulink.SimulationInput(model);
for gidx = 1:numel(GainSweep)
in(gidx) = in(gidx).setBlockParameter('elias/Gain','Gain',num2str(GainSweep(gidx)));
S = warning("off");
out = parsim(in);
You'll notice 8 files generated, labeled "a-file_*.mat"

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