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Unobtainable bode plot ?

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aaa le 2 Nov 2011
I am using the bode( and margin( functions. (both are used to make Bode plots)
The issue I am having is with getting the proper "Matlab" form for plotting. it is given here
since i would like to plot the bode plot, matlab needs the transfer function to be in terms of s. in my case, s = j*w_n. However, in the denominator of my transfer function, there is a dependency on 1/(w_n)^2. Using the tf( call convention, i do not believe i can input this transfer function based on what i know.
Does anyone know a way to solve this, or a different way to plot without using tf(? I could not find an obvious way to rewrite and simplify the equation in a form that would satisfy matlab, but at the same time, i highly doubt that it would be "impossible" to plot this.
thanks for all suggestions.

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Craig le 18 Nov 2011
You might want to try this
(j*w_n)^2 = -w_n^2
then you can rewrite the w_n^2 term.

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