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Tek le 8 Sep 2023
Commenté : Tek le 11 Oct 2023
When the value of a numeric field edited by a function (we can assume a basic divide pi/exp(1) as the value), it displays the value as the ValueDisplayFormat identifies (in my application, 4 digit fraction (%.4f) like 1.1557). However, when user tries to edit this value, numeric field shows around 15 digits, even the value is rounded to 4th digit which makes editing values by user very hard due to all this digits. Is there a better way to implement such a feature using a different data type maybe (because I think problem arises from double cannot exactly is roundable to fractions) to not change number of digits in the fraction when user tries to edit it?

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic le 8 Sep 2023
Just use round function on the user input, Event.NewData IIRC.
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic le 12 Sep 2023
Make a minimal example and upload it so I can check it.
Tek le 11 Oct 2023
Sorry, my workflow is a little busy and I cannot had any time to make a basic example but I guess there is a different approach about round when it comes to the EditField.Value property. If I set a property to a value like app.result = round(pi/exp(1), 4) with result being a double, then set EditField.Value = app.result it shows a value like 1.15570000000000015 but if I set it like app.result =pi/exp(1) then EditField.Value = round(app.result, 4) then the field shows 1.1557. However, I didn't had time to throughly explore this behaviour and prove that is the reason.

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