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Locating any point from a meshgrid

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Ashfaq Ahmed
Ashfaq Ahmed le 18 Sep 2023
Commenté : Ashfaq Ahmed le 18 Sep 2023
I have a 161x161 double size Latitude matrix for a stereographic projection of north pole. If I contour plot it, it looks like this -
I have another 161x161 double size Longitude matrix for a stereographic projection of north pole. Its' contour looks like this -
Can anyone please tell me if I can merge these two matrix into one so that I essentially get a polar stereographic map. And therefore, I can locate the index of any given point, for example, [87.5°N, 92.62°W], or [81.25°N, 88.19°W] etc
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov le 18 Sep 2023
If understood your question correctly, in this exercise, use hold on and find the intersection points of the two. There are a few function files on MATLAB central which can be employed in this case, e.g., https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/11837-fast-and-robust-curve-intersections?s_tid=FX_rc3_behav
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Ashfaq Ahmed
Ashfaq Ahmed le 18 Sep 2023
Dear Dr. Sulaymon,
Thank you for your comment. You have previously helped me a lot with my other questions too. I really appreacite it.
For this problem, I am actually not looking for any intersection points of two curves. What I am looking for can be simply explained this way -
I have a SST = 161x161x288 double size matrix of sea surface temperature. Here, 161x161 is the grid system, and 288 is the number of days. My target is to locate specific temperatures of everyday and the location coordinates are coming from the Position.mat file. Position.mat is a 288x2 double size and it is giving different location in everyday. Problem is, the grid system of SST is a stereographic grid combination of the Latitude and Longitude that I have attached.
My question is: How can I get the 288 locations from Position.mat in the SST matrix?

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