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Random points on a curve

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Amod le 24 Sep 2023
I have 2 arrays representing sets of data for velocity (Vx) and time (t) given. I get a curve by simply plotting them against each other. I want to take random points on this curve. How do I do it?

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Matt J
Matt J le 24 Sep 2023
Youc an interpolate the curve at random points using interp1.

Torsten le 24 Sep 2023
mat = load("Vx and t.mat")
t = mat.t;
Vx = mat.Vx;
hold on
n = 100; % number of random points
r = rand(n,1);
random_values_t = min(t)*r + (max(t)-min(t))*(1-r);
random_values_Vx = interp1(t,Vx,random_values_t);


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