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Error in the use of fminunc function

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Silvia le 25 Sep 2023
Réponse apportée : Matt J le 25 Sep 2023
Hello everyone,
in the following there is my matlab code:
>> fun = @(x)3*x(1)^2 + 2*x(1)*x(2) + x(2)^2 - 4*x(1) + 5*x(2);
>> x0 = [1,1];
>> [x,fval] = fminunc(fun,x0);
and this is the error that I have:
Unable to load a message catalog 'optim:fminusub'. Please check the file location and format.
Error in createExitMsg (line 32)
basicMsg = getString(message(basicMsgArgs{:}));
Error in fminusub (line 322)
output.message = createExitMsg(msgData{:});
Error in fminunc (line 496)
[x,FVAL,GRAD,HESSIAN,EXITFLAG,OUTPUT] = fminusub(funfcn,x, ...
Someone can help me to solve this problem?
Thak you a lot

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Torsten le 25 Sep 2023
Modifié(e) : Torsten le 25 Sep 2023
Put your three lines of code in a script file, call it "test.m", load it in the MATLAB editor and execute the script by the green RUN arrow. Does it work now ?
Steven Lord's answer given here might help if this is not the case:
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Silvia le 25 Sep 2023
which -all fminunc
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2023a\toolbox\shared\optimlib\fminunc.m
thaks for your help
Torsten le 25 Sep 2023
Did you make any changes to your MATLAB installation ? Modified or deleted files ? Mixed files from different releases ?
If not, you should contact Technical Support:

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Matt J
Matt J le 25 Sep 2023
I would try a clean re-install of Matlab (i.e., deleting all installation folders that may have been created).


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