Read data from channel twice a day

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John le 29 Sep 2023
Commenté : John le 4 Oct 2023
I am new to thingspeak and not familiar to Matlab. May you can help me to do a simple calculation on daily basis. I have the following requirement that I am not able to implement.
  1. read data from channel A at 6 am and store data into varA
  2. read data from channel A at 10 pm and store data into varB
  3. calculate varC = varB - varA
  4. display varC as barchart
These four steps above should be execute on a dayily basis.
Would be nice if some could help!

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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler le 30 Sep 2023
You need three TimeControls that call thee MATLAB Analytics scripts (thingSpeakRead / thingSpeakWrite) and then one final MATLAB Visualization to make a bar chart. I would break the problem down just like you described and start with the MATLAB script to read and write to a channel. Then, add the TimeControls to run them.
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John le 4 Oct 2023
Hi Hans,
Thanks for the hint. I was now able to solve my issue.
BR, Viktor

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