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How to change UI from partially Chinese to fully English on M2 Mac with R2023b?

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Daniel Bergman
Daniel Bergman le 4 Oct 2023
Déplacé(e) : Voss le 13 Fév 2024
Parts of the UI are in Chinese. For example, menus that display on right click.
Not all of the UI is in Chinese:
I cannot change the settings in Preferences:
And my computer uses English as the primary language:
In documenting this issue, I discovered that removing "Chinese, Simplified" from my list of "Preferred Languages" resolves the issue. I also learned that adding a language as an Input Source also adds it as a Preferred Language, but removing it from the Preferred Language list does not remove it from the Input Sources.
So, at the end of this, I have my fix: Remove "Chinese, Simplified" from my preferred languages. It just feels unnecessary since English is my Primary language there. Not sure if it's a Java thing and I should really be talking to Amazon, but at least this can be here for others who have this issue. Or maybe it's just me.
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Daniel Bergman
Daniel Bergman le 4 Oct 2023
This was actually an oblique reference to Amazon Corretto 8, the Java 8 JRE required to run the Apple Silicon version of MATLAB.
Zoey Shang
Zoey Shang le 14 Déc 2023
Déplacé(e) : Voss le 13 Fév 2024
Is this fixed?

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Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio le 4 Nov 2023
I had the same issue and had to go through the same solution: I deleted the chinesse and japanese languages from the mac preferences. I am running Matlab R2023b in a MacBook Pro with M1 Max and Sonoma 14.1.

Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler le 2 Nov 2023
It looks like you tried removing "Chinese, Simplified" from the preferred languages list to fix this issue. This should be a temporary fix. I am escalating the issue with our development teams. Thank you.
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Maurizio Schmid
Maurizio Schmid le 3 Nov 2023
Same issue here. (Apple M1, native R2023b). Appears on right click UIs on the editor (not on those from the command window).
Xiao Liu
Xiao Liu le 22 Nov 2023
same here. M1 macos 13.6, matlab 2023b maca64

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ミスター Natsuo Higano
Hi Daniel, MATLAB requires the Region and the Preferred Language in System Preferences to be set to the same locale, then restart. Also could you please copy and paste the output from "feature locale" command in MATLAB Command Window? That might show us what settings need to be changed.
Thank you.
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ミスター Natsuo Higano
Hi Daniel, we identified the issue and it is being addressed, so you do not need to provide any further information to us. And I think there will be a follow-up post to the thread. Thank you for your patience.
Allen Sun
Allen Sun le 11 Nov 2023
@ミスター Natsuo Higano Has there been any development on this issue? I'm having the same problem using an M1 Pro MacBook Pro. If at all possible, I would rather not remove Chinese from my system language settings since I use it in other applications.
Thank you.

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