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How to extract 3 Weibull parameters obtained using method of moments

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Chish le 6 Oct 2023
Commenté : Chish le 7 Oct 2023
I am estimating 3 Weibull parameters using different methods. Following posts on this site, I have just istalled Cupid and it is working well. I have followed this example: solve 3 parameter weibull using method of moments - integral with parameters inside a solve - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central (mathworks.com). I am getting answers which i think are correct. My challenge is to extract the the parameter values so that i use them in the next equation. I have attached the mat file that i am using. Here is my code:
clc; close all; clear
xbar = mean(Speed)
xvar = var(Speed)
cenmom3 = mean( (Speed-xbar).^3 ) % Cupid moment estimation uses the 3rd central moment
weib = Weibull(2,2,1); % Just guess some starting parameter values
weib.EstMom([xbar, xvar, cenmom3]) % This is the command for moment estimation
weib.Mean % Check the mean, variance, and 3rd moment with the estimated parameter values.
weib.Variance % These should match the values computed from data.
Please explain how to extract the parameter values.
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Torsten le 6 Oct 2023
Modifié(e) : Torsten le 6 Oct 2023
No Cupid documentation available ? Then you should consult the author's of the Toolbox.

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller le 6 Oct 2023
parms = weib.ParmValues; % this function reports back the current parameter values of the weib distribution.

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