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How many simultaneous image sources are supported?

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Geoff on 14 Apr 2015
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
With the image acquisition toolbox, how many simultaneous sources are supported? That is how many cameras can I use at the same time and what hardware is supported? My application requires the image acquisition from at least 100 devices simultaneously.

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Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 20 Apr 2015
Hi Geoff, How many devices have you tried to use simulateneously so far?
Do you intend to preview or get snapshots from these 100 devices?
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Geoff on 20 Apr 2015
We do not currently have this toolbox or any image capture devices yet. I am trying to determine what will be suitable before we make a purchase. We will need to take still images simultaneously. I am not familiar with the differences between preview and snapshot.

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