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Open Simulink DMR file from prior session

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Martin Ryba
Martin Ryba le 30 Oct 2023
Hello, I was running a long simulation (24+ hours), and of course we had a power shutdown and things went boop. Is there any way in the Simulation Data Inspector to pull up data from a prior session? I see a 200+ MB DMR file in my temporary folder, so I know some of the logged data is sitting there. I just can't seem to get to it. Any tips/tricks?

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Ayush le 5 Jan 2024
Hi Martin,
I understand that you want to recover the data from a prior session using the “.DMR” file in the temporary folder.
These “. DMR” files are created by the SDI (Simulink Data Inspector) at 'C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\'. To get to the file path you can run the following command in MATLAB:
>> tempdir
>> Simulink.sdi.getSource %Return location for storing simulation data
Since, these files are stored in the backend for Simulink’s logging during the simulation and are automatically deleted once MATLAB closes, it is not intended or designed to be directly opened or accessed by the end user. And there is a high probability of the file being corrupted due to improper termination or crash.
You can also refer to the following MATLAB Answer which addresses the similar problem that you are facing:
Hope it helps,
Ayush Misra


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