Add column vector to the end of another column vector

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Wilson Meireles
Wilson Meireles le 31 Oct 2023
Commenté : Voss le 31 Oct 2023
Hello! I have two rather large data sets that I am trying to combine into one data set. For example vector A is a 50x1 vector and vector B is a 100x1 vector. How do I combine these two togeher to get a 150x1 vector? Thanks so much!

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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler le 31 Oct 2023
Déplacé(e) : Voss le 31 Oct 2023
A = rand(50,1); % example 50x1 vector
B = rand(100,1); % example 100x1 vector
C = vertcat(A,B) % concatenate A and B vertically
C = 150×1
0.6165 0.3890 0.8584 0.7299 0.1972 0.8609 0.3899 0.5217 0.3926 0.0891
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi le 31 Oct 2023
@Wilson Meireles, The methods are equivalent, just the syntax is different.
From the documentation of vertcat - "vertcat is equivalent to using square brackets to vertically concatenate or append arrays. For example, [A; B] is the same as vertcat(A,B) when A and B are compatible arrays."
Voss le 31 Oct 2023
@Wilson Meireles: If the problem is solved, don't forget to "Accept" this answer.

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