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Regarding Developing and Launching a Commercial Application with a MATLAB Commercial License

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Is it possible to develop a commercial application by purchasing a MATLAB Commercial License? In such a case, would any additional payment be required? I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide information on MATLAB's commercial license policy.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 2 Nov 2023
As this is a primarily technical forum, I suggest you contact MathWorks Sales to provide an official answer (and you need that contact anyway to get a quote).
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Kerim le 2 Nov 2023
Actually, I wrote to them and have been waiting for a response for 15 days. However, they mentioned that they could not provide a response to this matter due to their busy schedule. They suggested having a meeting within one week to discuss this issue, but having to wait about a month to find the answer to this question has been quite exhausting for me.
Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 3 Nov 2023
OK, let me connect with you by email to support you.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 3 Nov 2023
Is it possible to develop a commercial application by purchasing a MATLAB Commercial License?
Yes. As long as the application is a specific-purpose that does not substantially reproduce Mathworks offerings, you can sell applications you built with a Standard license for whatever you can get.
You will probably want either MATLAB Compiler or MATLAB Coder, or possibly Simulink Coder in order to do compile the MATLAB source code or Simulink into executables.
There are no royalties involved.
If you have a Standard license for a toolbox and the toolbox permits compiling at all, then any executable you build with the toolbox using MATLAB Compiler will not require Mathworks licenses from the user of your executable. Once you have built the executable, all the end-user needs is a copy of your executable, which you can charge whatever you feel appropriate for.
Note, however, that Mathworks does not itself provide any copy protection or DRM or license management facilities, so if you want to prevent people from just copying your executable and handing them around to everyone, then you will need to work out your own licensing scheme.
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Kerim le 3 Nov 2023
I am grateful your response. I do not have practical experience in application security, but theoretically; after converting the application into an exe with the MATLAB Compiler Toolbox, I believe that a certain level of hardware protection can be achieved by using USB Dongle Protection method. Of course, this is an important topic that requires further exploration.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 3 Nov 2023
Mathworks does not supply any "hooks" for license checks, and does not endorse any licence managers.

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