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Tuning exciter parameters for a synchronous generator

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K le 19 Nov 2023
Réponse apportée : Ganesh le 7 Déc 2023
I used the following exciter block for synchronous generator
for the parameters I used those of an example in simscape as I don't have them myself. I would like to tune these parameters (especially those of the control and exciter)
I thought of a sensitivity analysis where the result would be the effect of the variation of these parameteres on the output voltage of the generator. I don't seem to find the sensitivity analysis tool.
Would the optimization tool be appropriate for this?
is there any examples for a similar case?
should I have these parameters if a matlab code first and have them linked so that the model can load the input data? if yes how to do it? I've been looking for it and don't seem to get it right.
thank you!

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Ganesh le 7 Déc 2023
Hi @K,
I understand that you are trying to reach optimum parameters for a Simulink block. You can achieve this in two ways,
  1. Using the "Simulink Design Optimization Toolbox": This toolbox gives you flexibility to modify and estimate the parameters for a Simulink Model. Kindly refer to the documentation below for understanding how to achieve this: https://in.mathworks.com/help/sldo/parameter-estimation.html'
  2. By using Programmatic Model Editing: If you have pre existing optimization techniques, you can implement those techniques from MATLAB and change the block parameters through MATLAB. Using this you can automate the simulation and change the block parameters to achieve optimum value. Kindly refer to the documentation below to learn more on Programmatic Model Editing: https://in.mathworks.com/help/simulink/ug/approach-modeling-programmatically.html
Hope this helps!

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