NI USB-6001 background analog output

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Matt Bancroft
Matt Bancroft le 23 Nov 2023
I need a data acquisition device (DAQ) capable of sending Matlab programmed analog outputs over the [-5,5] V range. I am considering the NI USB-6001 as a cost-effective solution.
Matlab summarises the NI DAQ hardware support here ( and notes "The NI USB 6001 device is unable to generate foreground analog output".
Is the the NI USB 6001 device able to generate background analog output using Matlab?
I am using Matlab 2018b as this supports Matlab's Data Acquisition Toolbox with NI USB-6001.

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic le 27 Nov 2023
Use the appropriate function for background data acquisiton -


En savoir plus sur Data Acquisition Toolbox Supported Hardware dans Help Center et File Exchange




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