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Creating a VAT Calculator in MATLAB

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Kiwn Jey
Kiwn Jey le 2 Déc 2023
Hello MATLAB Community,
I hope you're doing well! I have a question regarding the creation of a VAT (Value Added Tax) calculator in MATLAB. I'm aiming to build a tool similar to vatcalcguide.com and could use some guidance on how to get started.
The basic functionality I'm looking for includes:
  1. Input fields for the original price and the VAT rate.
  2. A button to calculate the total price after applying VAT.
  3. Display the calculated total price.
I've attempted to start the code, but I'm facing some challenges. Here's a snippet of what I have so far:
% VAT Calculator
% GUI Creation
fig = uifigure('Name', 'VAT Calculator', 'Position', [100, 100, 300, 200]);
% Input Fields
originalPriceLabel = uilabel(fig, 'Text', 'Original Price:', 'Position', [50, 150, 100, 22]);
originalPriceEdit = uieditfield(fig, 'numeric', 'Position', [150, 150, 100, 22]);
vatRateLabel = uilabel(fig, 'Text', 'VAT Rate (%):', 'Position', [50, 120, 100, 22]);
vatRateEdit = uieditfield(fig, 'numeric', 'Position', [150, 120, 100, 22]);
% Button
calculateButton = uibutton(fig, 'push', 'Text', 'Calculate', 'Position', [100, 80, 100, 22], 'ButtonPushedFcn', @(btn,event) calculateTotal(btn, originalPriceEdit, vatRateEdit));
% Output
totalPriceLabel = uilabel(fig, 'Text', 'Total Price:', 'Position', [50, 50, 100, 22]);
totalPriceValue = uilabel(fig, 'Text', '', 'Position', [150, 50, 100, 22]);
% Calculate Function
function calculateTotal(btn, originalPrice, vatRate)
% Your calculation code here
Could you please help me complete the code for calculating the total price and updating the display? Additionally, any suggestions for improving the user interface or code efficiency would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Réponses (2)

VINAYAK LUHA le 4 Déc 2023
Hi Kiwn,
I understand that you are interested in creating a VAT calculator in MATLAB and need assistance completing the code for calculating the total price and updating the display.
Here's a way to define the callback function "calculateTotal":
% Calculate Function
function calculateTotal(~, originalPrice, vatRate)
% Get the original price and VAT rate
price = originalPrice.Value;
vat = vatRate.Value;
% Calculate the total price
total = price + (price * (vat / 100));
% Update the display with the calculated total price
totalPriceValue.Text = num2str(total);
Go through the following two-hours long MATLAB Onramp course for further enhancing your MATLAB knowledge.
I hope this explanation helps you in creating a VAT calculator in MATLAB.
Vinayak Luha

Steven Lord
Steven Lord le 4 Déc 2023
Is there a specific reason you're trying to create the app as a script file yourself? I'd consider using App Designer. If you haven't used App Designer before, there is an App Building Onramp course that you could use to familiarize yourself with the process of creating an app with App Designer.


En savoir plus sur Develop Apps Using App Designer dans Help Center et File Exchange


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