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polar data 3d plot

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Hamed le 3 Déc 2023
Réponse apportée : Chunru le 4 Déc 2023
I have my data in an array u with variales t (time), r (radius), and θ (polar angle). How can I plot the function at different times?
For example, I want to plot for all , and and , .

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Chunru le 4 Déc 2023
r = linspace(0,100, 101)';
theta = linspace(0, 360, 61);
t = 1; % single t point for simplicity here
u = 1./r.*cos(2*pi*.05*r) .* ones(size(theta)); % generate some data to plot
xx = r.*cosd(theta);
yy = r.*sind(theta);
p = pcolor(xx, yy, u);
p.EdgeColor = 'none';


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