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How to model combustion chamber or heater for gas turbine system using Simulink?

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Kheng Seng
Kheng Seng le 9 Déc 2023
Hello everyone,
I am trying simulate a gas turbine system for my course on modelling and optimization of energy system. I have come out with a design consisting of a compressor, air preheater, combustion chamber and gas turbine. When I try to do the modelling in Simulink, I couldnt find something similar to combustion chamber. Does anyone have any experience in doing this?
Orginal Design:
I have also amended it and come out with second design, where I change to combustion chamber to a heater and the exhaust air is recycled back to air compressor, making it a closed loop system. But I am also unable to find heater from the simulink library, the closest i can get is convective heat transfer. Can someone help on this too and if the closed loop system is feasible to model?
Design 2 :

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Rishi le 26 Déc 2023
Hi Kheng,
I understand from your query that you want to know if Simulink has any blocks for a combustion chamber or a heater. While such dedicated blocks are not available in Simulink, you can model the essential characteristics of a combustion chamber or a heater by combining several blocks. Here are some blocks you can use to implement your model, along with their documentation:
A closed-loop system is feasible to model in Simulink. You can go through the following examples to learn how to implement it.
Hope this helps!

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang le 3 Jan 2024
Hi Kheng,
For this application, I would highly recommend that you use Simscape and Simscape Fluids for your physical modeling. There are two shipping examples on gas turbine:
If you have access to Simscape Fluids, I would suggest that you check out the 2nd one. In both examples, the combustor is modeled using a pipe block and a heat flow rate source, to heat up the gas. The heater in your 2nd design can be modeled this way as well. I guess the hard part is to figure out how much heat to add, and well, that's your problem now :p


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