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how to send and receive text/string data automatically in IoT page?

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Elakiya le 26 Jan 2024
I want to send text data and special characters to the webpage thingspeak to display the text and also based on sensor data, I want to receive the text message from the website to my device. How can do this process?, please tell me in clear steps

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels le 26 Jan 2024
ThingSpeak treats most data as strings until you try to plot or do math with them, so you should be fine with your special characters. If you are sending data from a microprocessor device, there are plenty of great examples in the documentation, and in the ThingSpeak library (there are AT command examples)
To get an email alert about channel activity, you can use the Alerts service , most mobile providers have an email extention to forward emails to text (i.e. verizon is phonenumber@vtext.com).You will have to use email forwarding since you can only sent alerts to your thingSpeak ID email.
To get information back to your devices you can have them subscribe to the channels if they are using MQTT (and publish to write) or they can poll the channel for new information using the read api.
Please come back and tell us more about your project in the ThingSpeak community when you make some progress!
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Elakiya le 27 Jan 2024
Modifié(e) : Elakiya le 27 Jan 2024
Using AT commands with Https protocol and I need to visualize the sent text message in webpage, but I can see only the plot of numerical values
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels le 27 Jan 2024
For the AT commands, look at the examples in the library that I linked above. To display text on the webpage, see the hint here in the community.

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