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How to delete all data of a channel are older than a date using a request.

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Ilias Lamprou
Ilias Lamprou le 26 Jan 2024
When my sensor started sending data to the server, for a few days it sent incorrect values due to incorrect placement.
Now I want to delete this initial data recorded before a certain date.
Is there any way to do this either through the website or using an Http request?
Which is the correct Http request syntax to delete the data before a date or between two dates?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels le 27 Jan 2024
There is not an API command to selctively delete specific points. You can clear all channel data at once with the API and with the web UI. The workaround is to download all the data, delete the points you need and then re upload the cleaned data. Since you can set the range on field plots and custom visualizations, the bad data shouldnt change your viewing of the channel data.
If you choose the re - upload method, you will need to be very careful with timestamps.


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