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Decrease Pattern antenna at certain azimuth.

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Amer tawel
Amer tawel le 2 Fév 2024

I want to reduce the antenna power by half in a specific azimuth direction only while keeping the power in the other directions the same, in a three-dimensional manner(3-d pattern) thanks all.

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William Rose
William Rose le 1 Avr 2024
What have you tried so far? How many antenna are you allowed to use?

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William Rose
William Rose le 1 Avr 2024
[I will delete my comment, which I meant to be answer.]
You cannot minimize the intensity in one direction without having some effect along othe directions. The more antennae you use, the more you can create a specific desired pattern.
Assuming you use two antennae, I would try the following: Place two antennae a half wavelength apart, aligned with the azimuth where you want minimum power. Adjust the phase difference between the antennae until the power difference between the minimum and maximum directions (which will be aligned with the antennae) is 0.5, or (equivalently) the amplitude difference is 0.707. Then you can map out the far-field power variation as a function of azimuth (and altitude, since you said you want 3D distribution). Good luck!


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