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Simscape Torque Sensor output is zero

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Felix le 22 Fév 2024
Commenté : Felix le 25 Mar 2024
I'm simulating the simscape PMSM.
I set a fixed angular velocity via a Ideal Angular Velocity Source.
I want to measure angle via an Ideal Rotational Motion Sensor and torque via an Ideal Torque Sensor. I cannot find a configuration of the three blocks that will lead to a converging simuation and a measured torque that is not zero (despite phase currents flowing).
Here is my set up: (the ports R C are connected to the PMSM RC ports)
I read other threads on the issue of torque and roatinal sensing but no configuration of the two sensors lead to valid measurements and a converging simulation
Do you have suggestions on how to connect the sensors and source?
Many thanks!

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller le 23 Fév 2024
Your angular motion sensor should be connected between shaft and a Mechanical Rotational Reference (NOT in series).
Your torque sensor should be connected in series between the angular source and an inertia. Make sure your motor has inertia or a rotational inertia.
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Felix le 25 Mar 2024
Thank you Steve!
This setup works for me:

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