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what is the meaning of int16>=int16

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Cyril Pernet
Cyril Pernet le 7 Mar 2024
Commenté : Cyril Pernet le 7 Mar 2024
I am using a function that reads my binary file as
clearly the output is not the same as saying to read as integer16, but can't quite grasp what matlab does here. Anyone with some insight?
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi le 7 Mar 2024
The "source=>output" option in fread means that input values are of the type source, and the output is of the type output.

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Chunru le 7 Mar 2024
The following will read data from the file pointed by fid, assuming that the data in the file is of the format int16 and converted the data into int16 for output format. doc fread for more details.
data = fread(fid, "int16>=int16")
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Cyril Pernet
Cyril Pernet le 7 Mar 2024
ok thx for the answer guys, but then if one does not constrain the output, fread(fid,int16) we can endup with float .. ok i see

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