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Find turning point of noisy signal

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cemsi888 le 14 Mar 2024
Hello all
I would like calculate transport delay time between desired and measured signal. I tried many methods like diff or two times diff or ischange or etc. However, I could find any robust solution to catch the red point (the point where the signal starts to rise).
Could you please give me idea how can I can detect this point without using Signal Processing Tool box? Thanks in advance

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 14 Mar 2024
Try findchangepts. If it doesn't work well then first try to denoise your signal by running it through movmedian.
Another option is to just set a threshold where if the signal exceeds it, it's begun to rise.
threshold = 5; % Whatever it might be.
index = find(y > threshold, 1, 'first')
tStart = t(index)
yStart = y(index)

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