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imread file does not exist - Unable to read file with multiple images

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Vishnu Sree Shanthanu
Vishnu Sree Shanthanu le 14 Mar 2024
I am trying the following code which reads a file containing multiple images -
clc; clear all;
% Specify the filename containing images
filename = 'D:\BMPtoPNG'
% Read all images from the file
images = imread(filename); ......
But the command prompt shows -
Error using imread
File "D:\BMPtoPNG" does not exist.
Please let me know how to solve this error.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 14 Mar 2024
% Specify the filename containing images
foldername = 'D:\BMPtoPNG';
% Read all images from the file
dinfo = dir(foldername);
dinfo([dinfo.isfolder]) = []; %get rid of all subfolders including . and ..
filenames = fullfile({dinfo.folder}, {dinfo.name});
nfile = numel(filenames);
images = cell(nfile,1);
for K = 1 : nfile
this_image = imread(filenames{K});
images{K} = this_image;
%now images is a cell array of image contents

Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 14 Mar 2024
To process a sequence of files in a folder, see code snippets in the FAQ:


En savoir plus sur Import, Export, and Conversion dans Help Center et File Exchange




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