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How to use Fronius HTTP Post push service to send data to thingspeak

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Dear all,
is there a way to use the Fronius push service to send data directly to thingspeak? I want to collect the solar PV production data. Below you can see a screenshot of the push service.
Most important is "server:port:" and "upload filename". I can choose between "FTP upload" or "HTTP Post".
Does thinspeak have a "server:port:"?
Thank you!

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels le 26 Mar 2024
A quick web search does not show great documentation for Fronius push service, but I did find some things. I would use http. Use api.thingspeak.com as the server and use the url for address from the write data API. something like '/update.json.
But from the doc and from what you have shown, I cant quite see how to specify the post body. From the above, it looks like the device generates an xml, but you will need to make sure its parameters match the ThingSpeak api endpoint. Or you might be able to specify the data as part of the address if it accepts variable input similar to the upload field shown above.
My advice would be to buy a cheap microcontroller (like esp32 or Arduinio) and use that as a proxy between the two.
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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels le 26 Mar 2024
This file is better, thanks. I dont see a section on reformatting the data format output. I feel the best method might be writing to their data service and retrieving the data in ThingSpeak as described above.
I am presently working on a DIY solar installation - maybe this will help me...

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