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When running an exe created from a matlab app, where are the variables stored?

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I cant really find an answer for this online. I wrote some code and used the Application Compiler to create an exe, when I plan to install on a computer that doesnt have matlab. When I click run and the program does its thing, where are the variables stored on that computer? My question really is do I need to allocate space for the variables or do I need to create some folder that the variables are temporarily stored in? Thanks!

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord le 29 Mar 2024
The variables are stored in the memory of the executable. Just like you don't need to allocate space for your web browser to store the text of this page (it will allocate the space it needs itself), you don't need to allocate any memory for the variables in the app executable yourself.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 29 Mar 2024
Steve's answer is right. However if you have your program store variables to disk files in the "current" folder, you might face problems and need to understand the FAQ:


En savoir plus sur Introduction to Installation and Licensing dans Help Center et File Exchange




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