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I can't run a file

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Ibraheem le 31 Mar 2024
Commenté : Ibraheem le 1 Avr 2024
Hi I am trying to run a file but i keep getting this error.
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Ibraheem le 31 Mar 2024
I don't know how to create a file name.
Voss le 31 Mar 2024

In the MATLAB editor, select "Save As", as described in Steven Lord's answer:


Or you can change the m-file's name through your operating system, the same way you might rename any file.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord le 31 Mar 2024
Most often I'd expect to see this if you tried to include either a space in the name of your MATLAB program file (not allowed) or including a set of parentheses (trying to save a file from a webpage as "myfile.m" when there is already a myfile.m in the directory and having the browser save it as "myfile(1).m" for example.)
If you have the file open in MATLAB Editor, click the downward pointing triangle below the Save icon on the Editor tab of the Toolstrip then select Save As to save it using a different name. If you want to check if the name you want to use is a valid MATLAB program file name, use the isvarname function (without the .m extension.)
validFilename1 = isvarname('myfile')
validFilename2 = isvarname('hw1_problem2')
invalidFilename1 = isvarname('my homework') % Includes a space, not allowed
invalidFilename2 = isvarname('myfile(1)') % Includes (), not allowed
invalidFilename3 = isvarname('for') % Don't name your functions with a keyword
invalidFilename4 = isvarname('1stFile') % Program files must start with a letter
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Ibraheem le 1 Avr 2024
Thank you very much.

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