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Error in extracting Image GPS information using "imfinfo"

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Abdul Hannan Qureshi
Abdul Hannan Qureshi le 5 Avr 2024
Hi, I am working on infrared (IR) images. I am using "imfinfo" funtion for extraction of metadata from images. However, in some cases it is giving me error or not extracting complete information.
Picinfo1 = imfinfo('DJI_20230927144149_0001_T.JPG');
Picinfo2 = imfinfo('DJI_20230927144159_0002_T.JPG');
In case of succesful run, I am getting following information (including GPS coordinates):
However, for few cases it is skipping GPS details in the image, and providing partial information, such as:
but when i checked the image properties the GPS/ coordinates information is available.
How I can fix this issue and can extract GPS details from image (DJI_20230927144149_0001_T.JPG). I have attached both Images for referecne as well.
Thank you.

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Anjaneyulu Bairi
Anjaneyulu Bairi le 15 Avr 2024
I understand that you are not getting GPS data while reading the Infrared images using "imfinfo" function. Even I am also not getting the GPS data and getting a warning while reading the DJI_20230927144149_0001_T.JPG. Attached the picture of warning here.
In the warning, it says the image contains zero entries at offset position 9339, so try to regenerate the image and apply the "imfinfo" function or try to save the image using GIMP editor. I saved the image using GIMP editor and It worked for me.
I hope this helps to resolve your query!
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Abdul Hannan Qureshi
Abdul Hannan Qureshi le 16 Avr 2024
Thanks for response, it was a really tricky query. I have understood your point, I can't regenerate this image again but, I will try GIMP editor.

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