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Solve a complex differential equations system

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Diego Rampi
Diego Rampi le 10 Avr 2024
I need to write a script that can solve the system of differential equation written in this article.
Thank you to everyone who will try to help me:)
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Torsten le 10 Avr 2024
And what is your specific question ?

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Torsten le 10 Avr 2024
The main problem with your equations is that they involve a term that has to be evaluated at a boundary point. Otherwise, you could have tried to use "pdepe". You could also look into "pde1m" under
I'm not sure if you have access to the values in all grid points with this code.
If it cannot solve your equations, you will have to discretize the spatial derivatives, include the boundary conditions and use "ode15s" to solve the resulting system of ordinary differential equations. Look up "method of lines" for more details.




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