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how to use optimization toolbox for solving dimensional synthesis of six bar bar mechanism using genetic algorithm based optimization.

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I want to solve path synthesis problem by synthesizing six bar mechanism using genetic algorithm based optimization. optimization toolbox provides the genetic algorithm solver but how to use it and its tutorial videos are not provided anywhere . if anyody is familiar with optimization toolbox of matlab please answer.

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Debadipto le 25 Avr 2024
Solving a path synthesis problem for a six-bar mechanism using genetic algorithms (GA) involves finding an optimal set of parameters for the mechanism that achieves a desired path or motion. MATLAB's Optimization Toolbox, along with the Global Optimization Toolbox, offers the "ga" function, which can be used to perform optimization tasks using genetic algorithms.
In the links below, you will find a plethora of examples that demonstrates how to use genetic algorithms in MATLAB:
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