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signal propagation not working with simulink goto / from blocks

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Robert Scott
Robert Scott le 22 Avr 2024
What do i have to do to get signal propagation to work?
You used to double click on the signal name and it showed up.
When i put a from block into a simulink scope i want the scope to inherit the name.
Its really time consuming to retype everything in.

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Debadipto le 25 Avr 2024
To ensure I've understood your query correctly, let's consider a scenario where a sine wave block is linked to a "Goto" block, with the connecting signal named "sine". When a "From" block is then connected to a "Scope", you observe that the signal name "sine" doesn't automatically appear on the connection leading to the "Scope". As a result, you find yourself manually renaming it to "sine" for the scope to display the name in its output.
To clarify, the signal from the "From" block to the "Scope" should indeed inherit the name "sine", though this name may not be visually indicated on the connecting signal. This can be confirmed by altering the icon display settings of the "Goto" and "From" blocks to show the signal name or by running the model and noting that the scope's legend reflects the signal name "sine".




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