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About Fluid dynamics in a porous medium...

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JAEYEON le 10 Mai 2024
I am struggling with my research.
I want to simulate mass diffusion in a porous medium. Via Matlab, I have got binarized 3D structure (only 0 and 1, 200x200x200 double) and corresponding stl files. By traditional CFD methods, the meshing is not working because the structure is very complicated. But the simulation that I want to do is quite simple.
Just putting concentration c1 for the lowest x coordinate and c2 for the highest x coordinate. And figure out the flux for the concentration difference (flow rate). Is there any recommendation for this by Matlab?
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Torsten le 10 Mai 2024
Far too little information to get a useful answer.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico le 10 Mai 2024
As @Torsten said, this is far too vague a question.
I would suggest starting with a far simpler problem, especiially good is if your problem is one where you can predict the solution from first principles. Learn to use and understand the tools well. Then add some complexity in, moving towards the problem you want to solve. Don't dive into the deep end of the pool before you can swim.
As far as helping you to decide the best way to do this in MATLAB, I have not a clue. (And I spend some serious time doing ME graduate work, but very little time with fluids.) But that suggests you should spend time discussing this with your thesis advisor, someone who should be uniquely able to help point you in the right direction.

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