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Can I update my Matlab behavior

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Madmad le 15 Mai 2024 à 19:15
Commenté : Madmad le 15 Mai 2024 à 19:48
Sorry for the poor title, not sure how to explain it.
I have two questions:
1) When we write three dots to split a command line, can we change what happens?
examplepath = 'this\is\a\path\'; % This is a random string
examplepath = ['this\is\a\...' ...
'path\']; % this is the same string if I write three dots "..." somewhere
% This is a bad behavior because it breaks the string
%% What I want Matlab to do when I write three dots:
examplepath = ['this\is\a\', ...
This is what I want to do when I write three dots and press enter, I want to split whatever I wrote so it fits on 2 lines and I don't have to use the horizontal slider bar because my sentence is too long. Is it be possible to update such behavior?
2) Indentation changed a few versions ago, I now use 2023a.
If I have a loop for example, when I paste code to it, I want it to be indented where it should be by default, not at the begining of the line. Example:
for i = 1:10
% something I wrote here here
% someting I pasted
%% It should be:
for i = 1:10
% something I wrote here here
% someting I pasted
It would be great to save these selection + ctrl+i, clicking at a random place inside a loop before was giving you an indented space, I want the same behavior.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 15 Mai 2024 à 19:29
In the MATLAB editor, if you start with
examplepath = 'this\is\a\path\'
and position your cursor at the path part and press return, then MATLAB will automatically split it into
examplepath = ['this\is\a\' ...
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Madmad le 15 Mai 2024 à 19:44
Oh I see, I was writing the three dots myself and then pressing enter, that's why it duplicate dots and does not add a comma!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 15 Mai 2024 à 19:30
Sometimes when pasting text in the indentation in the course was a mixture of tabs and spaces so the alignment is off.
To fix the indenting, have the cursor in the editor window and type control-a and then control-i.
I don't understand what you mean when you're manually breaking up a long string by typing an apostrophe, three dots, and then enter etc. I don't know of any function (keystroke shortcut) to take your long string and break it into multiple lines automatically.
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Madmad le 15 Mai 2024 à 19:48
For the line split, it is okay as I just had to press enter to automatically split it, I was typing the three dots and pressing enter myself.
For your indenting proposition, I cannot use ctrl+a, as it select my entire script, which is usually several loops/trycatchend as I like to have code I can read fast. The issue is when pressing ctrl+i, it makes me reach the end of the script, so I lose my current position, threfore I cannot use ctrl+a and I have to manually select the section and then ctrl+i (a bit of a waste of time when you do it 50 times a day)

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