I do not understand this error message

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mandy le 29 Avr 2015
Hi I am trying to plot something in matlab and it keeps coming up with the error (* inner matrix dimensions must agree) for line 15 which is the v1= line. Can someone explain why this is and show how I can fix it. Thanks clear all A=1; To=4; t=-To:To/100:To; wo=2*pi/To;
U1=0; v1=0;
a0=0; for n=1:2:19 BN1=(4/(pi*n)) BN2=(n*pi)/2 v1=(BN1*sin(wo*n*t)*cos(wo*n*t)); end
plot(t,a0+v1) axis ([-0.2 0.2 -15 15]) grid

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell le 29 Avr 2015
MATLAB is trying to preform matrix multiplication when I think you want element-by-element multiplication instead. Replace * (asterisk) with .* (dot-asterisk) throughout and you should be all set.


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