How to set the Kinect devices specific properties in matlab?

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lim chin
lim chin on 7 May 2015
Answered: Madhura Suresh on 21 May 2015
In Matlab
1. Create the videoinput object for the depth sensor. Note that a second object is created (vid2), and DeviceID 2 is used for the depth sensor. vid2 = videoinput('kinect',2,'Depth_640x480');
2. Look at the device-specific properties on the source device, which is the depth sensor on the Kinect. src = getselectedsource(vid2);
Display Summary for Video Source Object:
General Settings:
Parent = [1x1 videoinput]
Selected = on
SourceName = DepthSource
Tag =
Type = videosource
Device Specific Properties:
Accelerometer = [0.0 -1.0 0.0]
BodyPosture = Standing
CameraElevationAngle = 4
DepthMode = Default
FrameRate = 30
IREmitter = on
SkeletonsToTrack = [1x0 double]
TrackingMode = off
How we want to preset device specific properties?; For example,
Reset BodyPosture = Standing to be BodyPosture = Sitting
Reset DepthMode = Default to be DepthMode = Near
(*For this condition we can reset in C programming language, but for matlab language how we want to reset it?)

Answers (1)

Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 21 May 2015
Hi Lim,
Based on whether the object/person is standing or sitting, different joint coordinates are returned. You should be able to edit this value. More information here:
Try src.DepthMode = 'Near';

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