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Gyroscope and accelerometer equation and implementation using kalman filter

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chfakht chfakht
chfakht chfakht le 8 Mai 2015
Commenté : Samuel Louise le 30 Déc 2018
Hello all , i'm using an MPU-6050 sensor and i want the equations describing the gyroscope and the accelerometer ... so that i can implement them in kalman filter to predict the velocity and the acceleration any help will be very appreciated thanks :)
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Samuel Louise
Samuel Louise le 30 Déc 2018
Hi chfakht,
I would love to know whether you have managed to resolve this issue... If yes, please could you share your knowledge as I am eager to do a similar project.

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Rongfei deng
Rongfei deng le 26 Déc 2015
you can refer PX4 open source

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