Plotting a Limited Number of Longitude and Latitude Data on Map

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Hi, I'm very new to Matlab and I'm wondering if anyone could give me a little help. I have 1 value each for 20 different long/lat points surrounding Madagascar and I'd like to plot these on a map.
I've tried using the scatterm plots with no joy. I think it could be possibly because of the format of my data. I have 3 seperate .CSV files, one with longitude, one with latitude and one with corresponding wave energy values.
Any help will be hugely appreciated. Thanks a lot. Matt

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Sushranth on 28 Jun 2021
Edited: Sushranth on 28 Jun 2021
I will assume that each csv file contains only one column. After reading from the file, change it's format to an array and then plot using scatterm.
lat = readtable("latitude.txt");
lat = table2array(lat);
lon = readtable("longitude.txt");
lon = table2array(lon);
wave = readtable("waveenergy.txt");
wave = table2array(wave);
scatterm(lat, lon, 5, wave);
For more details on scatterm, check the below link:-


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