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Creating a gui that inputs data to a simulink model and gets datas as outputs from it.

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I want to do the following task in Matlab. I have created a SimMechanics model of a planar mechanism and I need to develop a GUI and control the motion of the mechanism by controlling the motion of a particular point that I select. I attach a Haptic device to the computer and use it to control the positions of the selected point. So I need a GUI through which I can select a particular point on the SimMechanics model and control its motion using haptic device. Also I need to output the velocity and acceleration back to the haptic device.
It would be really helpful if a detailed description of what to do is given. Thanks in advance

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Brasco , D.
Brasco , D. le 6 Sep 2016
I think this will help you. The guy attached a simple example to his answer. He also explains clearly how the coding is.


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