S-Function Builder builds only after restarting MATLAB

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Hello, I'm making a device driver for an Arduino board using the S-Function Builder.
I notice that the first time, it is able to build successfully.
I then proceed to deploy to hardware to view the results in the Arduino.
Subsequent attempts (after hitting the deploy to hardware button at least once) to re-build the S-Function Builder will hang at "Compiling myfunction.c" stage. Only after I restart MATLAB will it re-build successfully.
This means that my workflow when using the S-Function builder includes multiple restarts of MATLAB because of this issue.
Does anyone else face this issue? Would this be a bug in MATLAB? MATLAB release: R2015a

Accepted Answer

Esther on 23 Nov 2015
It was a bug in R2015a - if your username is longer than 8 characters.
Did not encounter the issue in R2015b.

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