Errors when installing the iOS hardware support package in Matlab R2015a

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salty le 3 Juin 2015
I am trying to install the iOS hardware support package in Matlab R2015a and to the part "Verifying Configuration of Your iOS Device" and I get the following errors:
Error using fprintf
Invalid format.
Error in realtime.setup.iOSFirmwareUpdate/createBuildDiagnostic (line 431)
Error in realtime.setup.iOSFirmwareUpdate/BuildApp (line 533)
Error in realtime.setup.iOSFirmwareUpdate/buildAndInstallTestApp (line 692)
Error in realtime.setup.iOSFirmwareUpdate.BuildDelayedCallback (line 797)
The test application that checks the provisioning profile builds and runs on the iPhone. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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Jack Hider
Jack Hider le 6 Oct 2015
I have the same issue, has anyone got an answer

saras le 3 Nov 2015
Is the device provisioned? Also, what version of Xcode and iOS version are you using?
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kevans le 22 Juin 2016
I suspect this may be an incompatibility with our deployment tool and the version of iOS running on your device.
Just to clarify, does the app get deployed to the device at all, and just not launched? To put it simply, if you look on your device do you see the TestApp was deployed to your device?
Christian Mendoza-Buenrostro
Hello kevans:
I have a similar issue (2020). I am running XCode 11.3.1 and iOS 13.3 on an iPad. The TestApp does get installed on my iPad and runs perfectly, it is just a splash white screen with the Matlab logo on it. But the inmediate next step is the verification and here the Build App step does complete, but then in the Run App step an error appears about the XCode version can not handle iOS version from the device.
But since in the previous step the TestApp does install and runs on the device (iPad) it would appear that the problem is something different from the displayed message during the Verification step.

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Tingting le 11 Avr 2016
I also have the same problem with my iPad 4 iOS 9.3.1 on matlab r2015b

Andrew Olivera
Andrew Olivera le 27 Avr 2016
So still no answer here huh... I think its because my phone is too updated. When I put the first test app on I have to add a bunch of new features to the program. Things like retina display support!! ugh.. Mathwork's focuses too much on Microsoft. Help us out here!!

sherif salem
sherif salem le 22 Mar 2019
I am running in the same issue but i am stuck in the build app phase. I dont make it to the run app phase. Please help me.


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