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Prevent "background" axis from having focus

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Mark T
Mark T on 27 Nov 2011
Hi, sometimes I have a large axis in a figure window, which serves as a "background" (e.g. suplabel.m), and other axes containing plots inside its position bounds.
Is there a property to set for this "master axis" so that it never gets focus, e.g. when attempting to zoom in on data in one of the smaller axes?


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Nov 2011
No there is not. However, if you set the HitTest property of the axes to 'off' then the user would not be able to click on it with the mouse.

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Mark T
Mark T on 29 Nov 2011
Hi. Thanks for the advice. I tried setting the HitTest property (as well as setting the current axis back to one of the others), but a test with the zoom still chooses the master axis (Matlab 7.5.0).

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