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Loop 30 minute (but time base on pc)

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how to do loop 30min for this command?
function out=multipathmapping
ftpsite=ftp('xxxxxx','xxxxx','xxxx'); cd(ftpsite, 'ISK1/Hourly/210'); mget(ftpsite, ''); unzip('isk1210b','C:\Multipath3SGU\MultipathMapping3SGU');
a = 'C:\Multipath3SGU\MultipathMapping3SGU\isk1210b.11o';%directory the obs file teqc_cm = sprintf('C:\\Multipath3SGU\\MultipathMapping3SGU\\teqc +qc %s',a);% directory teqc and the command of teqc system(teqc_cm);%run DOS


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Dec 2011
Controlling the length of time that system() executes for is difficult in MATLAB.

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Matmien on 3 Dec 2011
u have reference link abaout it ?

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