Problem writing in data into a csv using fprintf

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Kian on 10 Aug 2015
Commented: Walter Roberson on 11 Aug 2015
I have a csv file I have written using csvwrite which already contains 3 lines of strings:
fprintf(fid,'abs 3.1 \n');
fprintf(fid,'This is a line \n');
fprintf(fid,'ID Date lat lon val \n');
Now I am trying to fill in data under each column with data in m which is a 10 by 4 marix. Column 1 are ids (5 digits), col.2 are dates (I want is to be in yyyymmddhhmm format but currently is in scientific notation in the table), cols. 3 and 4 are coordinates (e.g. 43.45 & -114.53), and col.5 are some values (e.g. 1.2345).
I have a hard time writing data in the csv. I am currently trying the following piece of code, but data fills in not the way it should be. Data are not stored under each header correctly.
for r=1:size(m,1)
if r~=size(m,1)
Any thoughts is greatly appreciated.

Answers (1)

Muthu Annamalai
Muthu Annamalai on 10 Aug 2015
Edited: Muthu Annamalai on 10 Aug 2015
Have you tried csvwrite or dlmwrite ?
doc csvwrite
doc dlmwrite

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