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How do I access instructor options such as Create a Course and Copy problems?

Asked by William Martin on 1 Sep 2015
Latest activity Edited by William Martin on 3 Sep 2015
I am using Cody for the first time for a large Freshman general engineering course. Overall everything seems to be working smoothly, but I now that I am starting to plan for next semester, I have found that I don't seem to have access to some of the options that are mentioned in the Cody Coursework instructions for instructors.
For instance, I don't seem to have the option to create a new course (or to copy an existing one):
Or to copy a problem:
Have there been updates to the system since the instructions were posted, or is there a problem with my account where I don't have full instructor privileges?


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Answer by John Kelly on 2 Sep 2015

William are you associated with a license? Most likely the answer to your question can be found here

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You were right that I wasn't associated with a license. Once I associated my account with a license I did get the option to create a new course.
This might should be in a new thread, but I still don't have access to copy problems (or a course). I did have a TA enter these problems and write the tests, so are you only allowed to copy material that you entered into the Cody system? If so that will be a big limitation for me using Cody Coursework as in the spring there will be 1300 students taking this class with multiple instructors (and multiple sections).

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