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How to create standalone executable which can run on other machine too.

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Sanjeet kumar
Sanjeet kumar on 3 Mar 2011
Hi All,
I have developed few Stand alone GUI in MATLAB which run fine on my machine( The machine on which i have developed the executable). But I am not able to run the same on any other machine. Even they have MATLAB or MCR installed in it.
Could you guys please help me on this? It will be very kind.
Thanks in advance.. Please mail be at (removed email address to prevent the user from spam)
Regards, Sanjeet Kumar Singh

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Sreedu on 3 Mar 2011
I had once a similar problem. My standalone will work only in my current working directory. Not even in other folder in my own system. It was because I had not declared a class object using %#function. May be it could find it in my current working dir but not anywhere else. When I added the step in the opening function everything was okay. It worked in other systems too.
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Sanjeet kumar
Sanjeet kumar on 4 Mar 2011
Hi Sreedu,
Thanks a lot for your help. Can you please give me your sample code?
I would me more helpful for me in understanding.
Thanks in advance

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Mar 2011
I suggest that you use the Windows Dependency Walker to figure out what is missing. Sometimes it is libraries that were provided with the compiler, sometimes it is system libraries, sometimes it is odd things you've never heard of before...

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 3 Mar 2011
Assuming the error message is unclear or there is no error at all, I suggest to narrow don this issue by trying to deploy a very basic exeample. Like starting GUIDE and the take one of the examples, save en run them, build the stand-alone application and try on a different machine. Then you know whether this is an issue of the specifc application or a general / setup / environment issue.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Mar 2011
Best to use the dependency walker anyhow. The program will be allowed to start running if the system can find all of the libraries that it was explicitly linked against, but it will crash (sometimes with no error message) if it then _dynamically_ calls upon a library not in that list.

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