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Why calling to Java class methods from MATLAB gives undefined variable error in R2015b

I am trying to call 'getDefaultToolkit.getSystemClipboard()' method from MATLAB after importing the required libraries:
>> import java.awt.Toolkit.* 
>> cb = getDefaultToolkit.getSystemClipboard();
However, this gives the following error in R2015b:
(This issue happens only in R2015b, the method runs without any error in R2015a and R2014a.)
    Undefined variable "getDefaultToolkit" or class "getDefaultToolkit.getSystemClipboard".
Why is this happening?


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1 Answer

Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 6 Oct 2015
 Accepted Answer

You can only import classes, not methods. Try this instead:
>> import java.awt.Toolkit
>> cb = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit.getSystemClipboard();
Calling of static methods without qualifying the class (prefixing the method with the class name followed by a dot) in previous versions may have worked but this is neither intentional, nor supported.


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