Error when using pcfromkinect with Kinect for XBOX360 device

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vahid on 15 Oct 2015
Answered: Madhura Suresh on 3 Nov 2015
I am using a Kinect for XBOX 360 device. I installed kinectSDK v1.6 on windows 8.1 (64-bit) and then kinect for windows support package in MATLAB 2015b. Acquisition of depth and color images is carried out perfectly. However, when I try to use pcfromkinect function following error occurs:
No public property InputDepthMap exists for class videosource.
Error in imaq.internal.KinectColor2DepthMap
Error in vision.internal.visionKinectColorToSkeleton
Error in pcfromkinect (line 96)
vision.internal.visionKinectColorToSkeleton(depthDevice, depthImage, colorImage, isDepthCentric);
Error in kinect_image (line 22)
ptCloud = pcfromkinect(depthDevice,depthImage,colorImage);
Does this function support Kinect for XBOX 360 devices?
Source code of my program is as follows:
close all;
% Create System objects for the Kinect device.
colorDevice = imaq.VideoDevice('kinect',1);
depthDevice = imaq.VideoDevice('kinect',2);
% Change the returned type of color image from single to unint8.
colorDevice.ReturnedDataType = 'uint8';
% Warm up the cameras.
% Load one frame from each device. The initial frame executes slowly
% because the objects must wake up the devices.
colorImage = step(colorDevice);
depthImage = step(depthDevice);
% Convert the depth image to a point cloud.
ptCloud = pcfromkinect(depthDevice,depthImage,colorImage);
% Align the color image with the depth image.
alignedColorImage = alignColorToDepth(depthImage,colorImage,depthDevice);
% Render the point cloud with color.
% The axis is set to better visualize the point cloud.
xlabel('X (m)');
ylabel('Y (m)');
zlabel('Z (m)');
% Release the System objects.
catch ME
% Release the System objects.

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Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 3 Nov 2015
The Image Acquisition toolbox does not support XBOX sensors. Only the Kinect for Windows sensor is supported.

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