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How to repeatedly assign the concentration to a species

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Chao'en Li
Chao'en Li on 19 Oct 2015
Commented: Chao'en Li on 18 Jan 2016
I am doing kinetic modelling using Simbiology. How to repeatedly assign the value in a column of dataset to a species?

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Ingrid Tigges
Ingrid Tigges on 20 Oct 2015
Are you looking for something along the lines of a lookup table as described here?

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Ingrid Tigges
Ingrid Tigges on 21 Oct 2015
The following describes how you can do a repeated assignment for a dataset. If you compare this to the link in my comment you will see some similarities :-). The easiest way to have a species follow an experimentally measured time course is to write a MATLAB function that interpolates the desired values and use that function in a repeated assignment. For example, the function might look like the following:
function h = interpolateH(time) timeData = [0; 1; 2; 3]; hData = [1; 1.1; 1.2; 1.3]; h = interp1(timeData, hData, time); end
The repeated assignment would be H=interpolateH2(time)
The Insulin response example in the documentation uses this kind of approach.

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